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What is more pathetic?  Being a victim or to witness your loved ones suffer?

SCID is also known as bubble boy syndrome. It is a disorder caused due to the lack of ability to produce B cells and T cells in the immune system. It can literally be called as the malfunctioning of the immune system. SCID is a genetic disorder which is prone to affect the male heritance of the generation. The person with SCID lacks their immunity where they cannot fight against even basic common cold.

Symptoms and cure:

Due to the lack of immunity the victim suffers from any kind of infection prone due to bacteria, virus, fungus etc… But very much prone to common diseases like Diarrhea, Liver disorder (hepatitis), skin infections Meningitis. Yes there is cure for it due to the advancement in medical science. Stem cell treatment or also known as Bone marrow transplant. It acts as a permanent cure to this disease. But early diagnosis is very much essential for increasing the survival rate.


The world prominently came to know about this disease after David Vetter. Parents of David Vetter were already expecting him to be inherited with this disease after losing their first son after 7 months of his birth to the same disease. So his parents decided to isolate him as soon as possible to a sterile environment. Though he spent early days of his life in Hospital, after some time he was able to live in his home with his parents inside a sterile bubble like chamber.  All the products sent inside like food, clothing’s were all steriled and then sent in. His parents were trying to give him a normal life by giving education, television and playroom inside it. Though at first he was unaware   of the importance later he came to know about the importance of the sterile bubble for his life survival. He was designed with a special suit by NASA which would allow David to walk out of his bubble and see the outside world. His sister Katherine was his donor to the bone marrow transplantation. Though the transplant was success it failed to give the expected result. He became prone to illness which when they found that the Katherine had traces of dormant virus which was undetectable in the screening. And finally he was dead and laid next to his late brother David Joseph Vetter III.

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