He is one of the most hilarious stand-up comedian that I have come across. He is one of the co founder of a comedy group called All India Bakchod. His YouTube channel is a great source of free laughter therapy. His contents include daily vlogs, gaming streams, video reviews.

(Go and check out all parts of Mummy-Papa Pitai review, you’ll die laughing)


Avanti Nagral is a Artist, Song-writer, Influencer and a You-Tube who has completed a dual degree from Harvard University and Berklee College of Music. She uses her music to convey various social messages and creates YouTube contents to break the stereotyped norms by openly discussing sexual topics with her family members in a one-on-one interview, held in a very respectful manner.

(Check out her music video ‘Sun Toh Lo’)


Jay Shetty is a 33 years old monk turned into a life-coach, author, podcaster, you-tuber and an influencer. His channel is inspirational to people of every age group however, his videos focuses on teenagers and young adults. His content includes podcasts and clips where he provides insight on the topics of motivation, wisdom, love and relationships.


As the name suggests, Therapy in a Nutshell is a YouTube channel owned by Emma McAdam, a Licensed Therapist who makes weekly videos on mental health skills that are easy to understand via YouTube videos and Online Courses. It’s a good platform for people to learn new personal skills and live better. Her video’s cover various topics from Depression, Anxiety, OCD to Sleep disorders and ways to control them. It’s definitely a good investment for people who are curious to learn about mental health.


Ranveer Allahbadia aka BeerBiceps is one of the most famous Indian Youtuber, fitness mentor, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. It’s one of the most informative channels that I have come across. It includes videos on a variety of topics from finance, fashion, etiquette, grooming to meditation, yoga, body-building. They conduct one-on-one podcasts with famous Celebrities, Nutritionists, Health Experts, Monks, etc. Hence, his channel is a good source of free knowledge.