Indian Culture

The word culture means the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. India is famous for the diversity of culture. Indian culture is the tradition of social norms, believe, politics, ethical value, artifacts and technologies that originated in or are associated with the Indian subcontinent. Indian culture, language   festival, religion differs from place to place because India has a big number of population. India-originated religions are Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism and these religions are on the basis of god, karma etc.

 As a Indian I can say that this culture make the communal harmony. India, being a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious society, celebrates holidays and festivals of various religions. The three national holiday are the Independence Day ,the Republic Day and the Gandhi Jayanti, are celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm across India. There are many festival which are celebrated by various religion like Diwali which celebrated by Hindu, Sikh, Buddha. For Muslim the main festival is Eid. The Durga puja Which is the emotion of Bengali which celebrated in various side of the India. India celebrated many festival in the large number of diversity. The religion festival like Diwali(Hindu), Eid(Muslim), Christmas(Christian) are celebrated by all in India and govt also provided facilities to all the religions. Islam is the second largest religion in India and the main festival days are declared as holidays. Greeting is also a culture of India. Indian do the greeting during  Anjali, puja and pranama.

Greetings include Namaste (Hindi and Sanskrit), Namaskaara/Juhaara in Odia Khulumkha (Tripura), Namaskar (Marathi), Namaskara (Kandana), Namaskaram (Telegu, Malaylam), Vanakkam (Tamil), Nomoshkaar (Bengali), Nomoskar (Assamism), Aadab (Urdu), and Sat Shri Akal (Panjabi) are some famous greeting in India.

By dressing sense we can guess that from which part he/she came. The dress code are different for various part of India. Traditional clothing in India greatly varies across different parts of the country and is influenced by local culture, geography, climate, and rural/urban settings. Popular styles of dress include draped garments such as Sari and mekhela sador for women and Dhoti or Lungi or panche (in Kannada) for men. Stitched clothes are also popular such as Churidar or salwar-kameez for women, with dupatta (long scarf) thrown over shoulder completing the outfit.

India taught Dance from various ancient book. According to Ragini Devi dance the inner expression and internal divine of man. Bharatanatyam is a very famous dancing step. There are  various dance steps like Bharatanatyam of the state of Tamil Nadu, kathak of Uttar Pradesh, Kathakali and Mohiniattam of Karala, Kuchipudi of Andhra Pradesh, Yakshgana of Karnataka, Manipuri of Manipur, Odissi (orissi) of the state of Odisha and the Sattriya of Assam.

The various Architectures and wall painting is milestone for Indian culture. Some Architectures show the love of two person as example TAJ MAHAL. And for wall painting or cave painting famous is Ajanta Ellora cave. There are various evidence which proves that how beautiful our Indian cultural.

 To conclude it, I can say that there are various aspect for Indian Culture and these aspect by us but not everyone. Indian culture is very traditional and unique. But in this era some of our culture was ruined by us. But the harmony of India make the cultures more beautiful and enjoyable.

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