Old school love: Sending letters: Via courier? Via pigeon? Via travelers? Waiting for calls? Sending cute but short text messages? (With ‘don’t reply, mom, will read it) Seeing each other for the first time? (With those shy eyes) This is what we are searching for.

 People nowadays think relationships don’t last. And here I am talking about a long-lasting long distant relationship. GOD! But yes, it does work. Only if you want it to work.

You know long distance relationship still has a touch of old-school love somewhere. You know; where you wait all day long to talk to them; where you wait for months/years to see each other’s faces; where you still look at the moon at the same time to feel each other’s presence(cliche, but true); where you’re always there virtually to be a part of each other’s success and failure; where you find ways to do things together. (watching series/movies, having online dates, playing online games, having late night antakshri sessions) All of these sounds so perfect, doesn’t it? But as I say, not every day is rainbows and flowers. There are clashes in every relationship. A long-distance relationship has some pieces of stuff to spice the clashes.

For example DISTANCE. You live far away from your partner, there is a problem in matching your timings. You cannot frequently see each other, which isn’t a problem unless you need a hug/cuddle after a long tiring day.

COMMUNICATION GAP. You can only talk over phone calls, and solving fights over phone calls is something one shouldn’t try. Just kidding, conveying your point of view over a call, is tough. You will never know how the other one is perceiving it. Then misunderstanding takes place. There are times when you barely have a good conversation for over a month.

DISTRACTIONS. Maybe he/she won’t be able to be there for you and someone else is doing their part. Don’t just let that affect your relationship. All you need to remember is where your heart belongs. Where do you belong? Not everyone stays.

 “आखों मे बसी हो पर दूर हो कही, दिल के करीब हो ये मुझको है यकिन”

There are times when you just feel that this is not going to work. Everyone feels that. But don’t give up easily. Now by this, I don’t mean that continue being in a toxic relationship. Just don’t give up on something, you know will last long.

 Long-distance relationships do last, you just need the right partner to go along with. You just need to remember the love you have for them. And also I believe LOVE lasts. Long-distance or short. It lasts forever.

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