Filigree- the metal work

Hello guys!!

I am going to tell you guys about my sweet memory regarding this topic,before we jump right into the topic.

I remember going to an exhibition with my mother.The exhibition used to take place monthly twice.

While we are shopping through the baazar I saw a person making something with some metals and tools and it piqued my curiosity so I asked my mother what was it .

My mother said it is filigree, the art of making jewellery.I was so impressed by their work and asked them if I can watch them more closely.They gave permission and were happy cause I was showing interest in their craft.

They delicately and precisely made jewellery with their hands ,they twisted ,and turned the metals but the result was beautiful in whatever way they turn.

Filigree is also called as filigrann or filgrene.This form of metal work can be traced back to 17th to 19th century of itialian and French and Portugal Metal works.

The word can be broken into two word filum and granum ,which means a thread and grain or bead respectively.

Filigree is mainly done on two metals those are gold and silver.The customers love the works crafted through this art which are often described to be classy,unique.

This work needs a lot of concentration and finesse while making these metal works intricately.
This works still remains popular in India and some other parts of Asia .

Jewellery ,watches,spoons,beads and what not everything that is made through this metal work is just wonderful.

Filigree is a metal art because every piece created by this technique is a chef’s kiss or to say a craftsman kiss.

I love this craft cause every piece has its own delicate nature that it depicts and also the finite accuracy in each twist and turn of the metal reminds me the hardwork,the time they sacrifice for our satisfaction.