Precautions to Reduce Exposure of Mobile Phone Radiation

If you are concerned about your exposure to RF radiation, you may take the following steps to decrease it:

  • Choosing a phone with a low specific absorption rate (SAR), which refers to how much RF radiation is absorbed by human tissues.
  • Being careful of claims that protective equipment or “shields” may minimize RF radiation exposure; there is no proof that these devices function. In reality, they can increase RF radiation since the phone will immediately boost its RF output to counteract the shield’s effects and provide the greatest possible connectivity.
  • Carry your phone away from your body. Manufacturers of mobile phones cannot guarantee that the quantity of radiation you are exposed to is safe.
  • While driving, do not chat on the phone or text. This raises the chances of a car accident. When walking or doing other activities, use caution when talking on the phone or texting. Injuries caused by “Distracted Walking” are also on the rise.
  • If you want to see a movie on your phone or tablet, download it first and then watch it in airplane mode to minimize unwanted radiation exposure.
  • Keep an eye on the strength of your signal (i.e. how many bars you have). Y our phone has to work harder and it will emit more radiation if the mobile signal is weaker. It is preferable to use your smartphone after you have a stronger signal.
  • Avoid making phone calls when in a car, elevator, train, or bus. Because the phone has to work harder to get a signal through metal, the power level rises.
  • Make use of your landline phone. Use your landline instead of your cell phone if you have one at home or at work.
  • When you’re not using your phone, turn it off or set it on airplane mode. It’s tough, but not impossible, to follow. You may turn it off or put it on airplane mode whenever you don’t need constant data access for a few hours. As much as feasible, do it. It’s something you can do before going to bed.
  • When chatting on the phone, it is preferable to utilize a hands-free speaker or earbuds. Make it a habit to do so. Remove your earbuds once you’ve finished speaking. Keep your phone 1-2 cm away from your ear if you don’t want to utilize hands-free. Bluetooth should not be used.
  • To reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to when sleeping, turn off your phone. Also, keep your phone away from your head, such as beneath your pillow. Radiation is reduced by 95% when you keep your phone 20 inches away from you.
  • The skulls of children are thinner than those of adults. Radiation has the potential to infiltrate their brains and cause additional harm. To avoid further problems, limit your children’s screen usage completely.
  • Don’t chat on the phone while it’s charging since the quantity of radiation it emits is ten times higher at that time.
  • When your phone’s battery is low, avoid using it. When your phone’s battery is low, avoid using it since the radiation level rises.

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