Trying To Fit In or Self Harm??

“Social media is taking toll on this generation”. We are living in a era where happiness is associated with perfect pictures, perfect dresses, perfect body , perfect skin etc . To enter into this world of perfection and to fit in many people start to fake. This can create a huge emotional turmoil in person’s mind.

People are constantly comparing themselves with others which can lead to lowering of self esteem. Generally comparing and competing is said to be good thing as it helps us to do better than others but we need to realize that it can also lead to huge blow on self confidence. We drag ourselves to fit in and sometimes go to a extreme level to gain people’s acceptance. According to study published in the ‘Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology’ there is a casual link between the use of social media and negative effect on well being , primarily depression and loneliness

To save ourselves from such harm ‘Social Media Detox’ has become very much important.Social Media Detox is conscious elimination of social media use and consumption for a set period of time . Spending time on yourself and self care can be the key for happy and self satisfied life.

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