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Pets and their therapeutic values

Who does not like pets?

The love for pets has recently increased in this quarantine. These pets not only are a of a companion but also a stress buster. It is proven that they have therapeutic value. Especially dogs and cats can reduce our stress , anxiety and depression. Their playfulness turns to our happiness . They are of valuable companion to the elders . They have a soothing effect on humans . They decrease the depression mentality and many other mental illness . There are service dogs where they are trained to support people with disabilities under the guidance and the direction of the owner .

Oxytocin is a kind of hormone that is released during breastfeeding the baby. This same hormone is released during the dog cuddling . It gives you a calming and comforting effect . The positive interactions with these pets benefits the mind and body . It also releases endorphins that produce a calming effect . These has a great improvement on the psychological state . Breeds like Greyhounds, Havanese, Whippets, and Spaniels are good for depression . An emotional support animal must be prescribed by a licensed mental health professional. Dogs can sense threat , when detected they get protective and alert. They too have feelings and when humans cry they feel distress.

It is true that dogs also develop mental illness. Dogs feel anxiety when left alone or apart from owner ,many fears and phobias and even post-traumatic stress disorder.

They might only be here for a part of your life . But for them you are their whole life.

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