Body Positivity

Body positivity refers to the assertion that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size, and appearance.

Being body-positive encourages affirming attitudes towards your own body. Loving yourself is the greatest revolution! Many of us struggle with becoming body-positive.

Below are 10 tips for body positivity you should keep in mind when practicing self-care.

1. Post positive affirmations on your mirror:

In front of the mirror is where we experience the most body-hate. Try posting positive notes on your mirrors, such as, “I am enough”, “Love your body”, and “You’re beautiful”.

2. Get rid of your scale:

Weighing yourself can become an obsession. The scale can have power over your happiness and self-worth. The number on the scale does not define your worth, it simply tells you your relationship with the gravity of the earth.

3. If you wouldn’t say it to your friends, don’t say it to yourself:

When you find yourself being critical of your body, ask yourself, “Would I say this to a friend?”, the answer will most likely be “No”. Treat your body like your best friend!

4. Learn to accept a compliment:

By not being able to accept a compliment, you are putting yourself down. Avoid responding to a compliment with “Thank you, but…”. Simply showing your gratitude by responding with just a “Thank you” is enough. You may also respond with returning a compliment, however, be careful not to undervalue yourself while doing this.

5. Donate your clothing that doesn’t fit instead of torturing yourself, and buy clothing you feel great in:

Experts found that we spend approximately 16 mins on a weekday deciding what to wear. Imagine how much longer this time could be trying to pick out clothing that no longer fits. Instead of torturing ourselves with thoughts that we no longer fit into our favorite pair of jeans, donate them! Buy clothes that make you feel great in.

6. Question whether body-hate is helping:

Does shaming your body actually do anything for you? Does it make you feel better? Does it make anything change? No, it doesn’t. Why cause unnecessary stress on yourself? Ask yourself these questions out loud, you will realize body-shaming is just a waste of energy.

7. Don’t compare yourself to others, or your younger self:

“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

Everybody is different, and our bodies change significantly as we grow older. It is normal and healthy to not look like what we looked like 5 years ago. It is important to be happy and healthy in the bodies we have now. Comparing yourself to others, or even yourself, does nothing for you, so just be(you)tiful!

8. Don’t tell that friend to un-tag you in that picture:

Don’t do it! Learn to accept what you look like in every situation. You do not need to look “perfect” in pictures. Even if you think you don’t look “good” in a certain picture a friend has posted of you, the people who are going to see this picture know you and know what you look like. So what’s the harm in posting a silly picture or a picture you may not completely love except destroying your self-love?

9. Challenge the idea that thin people are happier:

Do you know any thin people who are unhappy? Do you know any larger people who are happy? People can be happy or unhappy at any size. Challenge yourself to think of one thing you are happy about in your life right now, and the next time you compare yourself to others who are thinner, remember that you don’t know what they have been through or are going through.

10. Find a supportive squad to keep you positive:

Surround yourself with people who are supportive and uplifting. If your friends or family body-shame themselves or others, this is your chance to educate them on being body-positive, and maybe not asking, “Does this make me look fat”, when they try on an outfit. Being around supportive people can help you feel more confident.

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