Jeon Jungkook The South Korean Singer

STAGE NAME: Jung kook

NICK NAME: Golden maknae ,kookie,bunny

BIRTH DATE: September 1,1997.

FAMILY: He belongs to a simple South Korean family and in his family,he has people including him.His parents and one elder brother Jeon Jung-Hyung.

OCCUPATION: Singer,Song writer.

YEARS ACTIVE: 2013 – Present


BORN IN: Busan,South Korea.

HEIGHT: 179cm

WEIGHT: 70kg

SOLO SONGS: Euphoria,Still with you

EDUCATION: Baekyang Elemantory and middle school.When he became a trainee ,he tranformed to Singu Middle School in Seoul.


GROUP DEBUT: July 12,2013(BTS)

AWARDS: Hwagwan order of cultural Merit (2018)

AGENCY: Big hit music

About Jk

Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS. And he have 6 elder brothers(V,Jimin,J hope,Suga,RM,Jin).In April 24th 2011,Jung kook was joined as the newest member of BTS.Now he is 25 year old.He get the nickname of (Golden Maknae ,Kookie ) from Army.His favourite foods are:Pizza,sashimi,etc..he can eat everything he like.He used to be very shy during auditions,to the point he almost could not debut.His Role model is RM. He enjoys bowling and playing Overwatch.He is very active in sports.He cook well(not bad).He really hates being called oppa especially when fans appear to be a noona fan.He produced and wrote Magic shop,which is featured on the full length album,”Love yourself””Tear”.It is the second song he produced,Love is not over.His hobbies are drawing, filming and Photography, playing games and dancing.He has the fan of G.Dragon,His crush is IU .Since 10 yr ago,he wanted to become a batminton player.He is a big time fab of Avengers series.He loves Spending time with his pet dog Gureum and loves to play catch ball with him whenever he gets an opportunity.He said he did rather die than to live without passion.Jungkook is also extremely popular on social media amoungest fans .He is the most loved celebrity in South Korea.In 2011 Jungkook auditions in Daegu.Though he was not selected,he received casting offers from seven entertainment companies.He eventually chose to became a trainee under bighit Entertainment after seeing RM,now his fellow band member and leader in BTS, perform.

He shared about his family

Jungkook has disclosed little about his early childhood,and even less about his parents.Kang Ho Dong questioned Jung kook on “Lets eat Dinner Together” about his parents “Love Story ” Jungkook smiled as he shared “My mom hit on him first.She said she did it because dad was good looking”.and he asked about his father age.Jungkook answered that his father was born in 1971 and his mother is 2 years older than his father.Jungkook agreed “My dad got married early”.when Kang Ho Dang expressed surprise that his parents are so young.

Sports skills

BTS Jk is incredibly talented at many things , especially sports.

Jk exercise routine

-20 Squats
-20 pushup
-20 jump squats
-20 pike pushup
-10 planks
-20 mountain climbers
-15 burpees
-20 crunches
-20 leg raises
-20 super man’s exercise

He loves all exercise &sports.He really good at or what impressive other people, because Jk is the best athelete out of the groups and he is the best from out of sports because he is flexible,very fast and very strong,he has a great strength.

Good at

Jk running speed can lead to his group winning the “400 metres relay” at ISAC 2015

Cover songs

• “Lost stars”
• “Paper Hearts”
• “Fools”
• “Purpose”
• “If you”
• “Beautiful”
• “We Don’t Talk Anymore”
• “2U”
• “Oh Holy Night”
• “Breathe”
• “Only Then”
• “All of my life”
• “Ending Scene”
• “Ending Scene ver2”
• “Look At Me”
• “Perhaps That was Love”
• “Never Not “
• “10000 Hours”

He got black belt in Takwonda.He trained in Takwonda from young.

He is good at knocking down bowling needles, Jk is known for often playing bowling with his friends from the line gang’97.

He is truly known for having a myraid of talents that will amaze someone,not just fans who are always surprised,para members BTS also often looks surprised at the many talents Maknae having a high aesthetic soul,it turns out that Jk is also very good at sports.

He is one of my inspiration ❤️ Thank you for sharing your passion and love to Army’s all over the world ,we are so proud of you .Saranghae..

“I ‘d rather die than live without passion”-Jungkook

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