Canada on fire!

“195 percent rise in sudden deaths within 5 days”, “toll tops 800”, “On Tuesday, June 29, 2021 Lytton recorded a blistering temperature of 121.1 degrees” “the hottest moment ever seen anywhere in Canada since record-keeping began”. … Well, these headings are spread across the news channels currently; akin to the heat wave that has spread it’s wings over Canada. Let’s spread more light about the basics of the Heat wave.

The town of Lytton has just a few hundred residents and is known for being one of the hottest locales in Canada because of its dry climate and low elevation. But during the epic heatwave that has swept western North America this month, Lytton’s previous high temperature records have been absolutely shattered by nearly ten degrees Fahrenheit.

Lytton and nearby Lillooet share the second highest temperature ever recorded in Canada. In July 1941, temperature reached a record of 44.4°C. On August 14, 2004, tempaerature again reached around 41°C. The minimum temperature the mercury touched was 31°C.

Causes of Temperature inflation

Picture source: Dhruv Rathee

Climate change is being said the root cause. In technical terms, the condition is called Heat Dome. The warm air generally rises up but the high pressure in atmosphere from above, pushes down towards land. The pushed down air becomes even hotter. Extreme weather conditions are escalated with climate change.

West Pacific area has seen significant rise in heat as compare to the East Pacific. The strong change in ocean temperature from west to east is believed to be the core reason of heat dome. Hot air is trapped by the high pressure fronts and as it is pushed to the ground it heats up even more. The condition also prevents formation of clouds thereby giving sun more space to radiate heat on the ground.

The condition of heat dome produces heat wave. Heat wave is a period of abnormally high temperatures which lasts more than 2 days.

Effects of heat dome

Temperature becomes unbelievably high leading to catastrophic deaths, crop damage, droughts. The rising temperature will demand high energy which will in turn increase the rate of electricity. Forest fires are no exceptions. In fact, the current situation is that half of the Lytton village is charred.


The temperature of Earth has already risen by 1° (totally a bad omen). The rise resultantly increases the chances of natural disasters exponentially. The studies show climate change can affect high-altitude regions at a faster rate. In the past 20 years, temperatures above 13,000 feet have warmed 75% faster than at altitudes below 2,000 metres (credits: Rutgers Today).

Possible Solutions

On an individual level, climate change cannot be solved anymore. Only government policy changes can prove most effective. Subsidies on fossil fuels should be removed, electric cars must be promoted, carbon tax to be imposed, more and more awareness to be raised on individual level.

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