CBSE’s decision to conduct 2022 Board exams in two terms, beneficial or not

Covid-19 has affected lives of everyone with people compromising on the most important events of their lives. Uncertainty is very common during these times especially for ones who have their most important exams of their lives hanging on a thread. When the first wave of Covid-19 hit in 2020 , few remaining board papers were cancelled by both- the ICSE and the CBSE. With the second wave of covid-19 hitting the subcontinent in its most horrible form, the students who were supposed to give their boards were highly stressed and confused about the position of their board exams. However, long after the general date of the commencement of the exam, the Board exams were declared CANCEL among much speculation.

With an aim to not arose confusion among students regarding the position of their Board exams if the worst case scenario happens, CBSE declared its 2022 Board Exam’s scheme today keeping in mind the worst happening possibilities of covid-19 which may or may not happen during the scheduled time.

CBSE’s decision

The CBSE has decided to hold 2022 boards in two terms- Term I and Term II respectively. As per the new criteria, the syllabus for the academic session 2021-22 will be divided into two terms with each term containing 50% of the original syllabus . The term end exams will be of 90 minutes duration each, while the the term-1 will be conducted in November-December, the term-2 exams will be conducted in March-April and the final rsult will include the average of both the terms. The pattern of the exams have also changed ensuring not to put much pressure on the students while the difficult times are going on. The term-1 exams will have MCQs including case based MCQ and assertion-reasoning type MCQs instead of the general descriptive paper which students are writing for their boards since ages. However , term-2 will have questions on different formats and in the case the condition is not conducive in March, the duration for the term-2 exams will be extended to two hours.

CBSE has asked the schools to continue the online classes unless further notice from the authorities and have especially asked them to create a student profile for each student which will record their assessments undertaken over the year. This year more focused will be paid to the Internal Assessments so that if the condition arose where the students are not able to give the exams in the formats that have been planned, the Internal Assessment marks can be relied upon. While for classes 9th and 10th, the internal assessment will include periodic tests, practical works, speaking and listening activities which have to be conducted in the entire academic session, classes 11th and 12th will have Unit Tests at the end of every topic, exploratory activities, practicals and projects. CBSE will facilitate schools to upload the internal assessment marks on the CBSE IT platform which is used by the schools this year to upload the home exams marks for classes 11th and 12th.

Is the decision beneficial for students?

Keeping in mind the situation which had occurred in the second wave with almost every family facing death of one or more members due to the deadly disease and hospitalizations due to severe health issues, this decision is extremely beneficial for the students. The second wave brought with it the terror of death, with everyone in stress about the deadly situation going around which brought extreme pressure for the students who didn’t know whether or not they will be able to write their boards. The studies show that it is not possible for the brain to work normally in the situations of extreme stress and if the board exams are to be held somehow even by the online means, it won’t be an unbiased exam and will be highly unfair for the students who had the ability but couldn’t perform.

With the division of syllabus in two parts with each term conducting exams only with the one part of the syllabus, has reduced the stress which the board students would be facing. Further, the decision of the board to keep internal assessment as a priority which generally is not for the board students ,ensures that the students get fair opportunity to perform throughout the year and maintain a good score at the end if the evaluation is to be based on internals .

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