Drone Strike At Jammu Air Base

Explosives-laden drones were used to carry out an attack on the Jammu Air Force station on Sunday

New Delhi: 

The drone strikes in Jammu airbase were an act of terror that was aimed at targeting key military assets, Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria said today, adding that the Indian Air Force is in the process of bolstering its capabilities to deal with such security challenges.

The Chief of Air Staff said the IAF has carried out a detailed analysis in terms of implications of drones and other similar capabilities falling into the hands of non-state actors, and taking a series of measures to counter them.

The Chief of Air Staff said a detailed investigation into the attacks was underway and that all sets of measures would be on the table based on the findings of the probe.

“We have gone over the subject in terms of the implications of this kind of capabilities in the hands of non-state actors and the kind of effect the armed drone capabilities would have in future conflicts,” Air Chief Marshal Bhadauria said.

He said the IAF analysed a large extent the requirements in terms of planning and required systems and infrastructure to enhance its abilities to go for “soft kill” and to have a counter-drone system.

Referring to the attacks, he said there was no visibility when the incident took place. “Very soon we will have enough systems and we will target.. we will find ways to tackle this threat,” the Air Chief Marshal said.

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