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Indeed , it is an astonishing fact that a yogic tradition , which is more than five thousand years old , has recently become a popular way of life . Presently , people consider that yoga is a significant means to achieve a healthy as well as a positive lifestyle . In fact , the power of yoga lies in its simplicity , flexibility and diversity . As a matter of fact , yoga helps in improving our flexibility , lowers our stress level and increases our confidence and finally contributes to a healthier lifestyle on the whole . There are various lifestyle diseases like obesity , diabetes , asthma , hypertension , back pain , migraine and depression which can be prevented and treated up to some extent with the help of certain yogic exercises .

Asanas As Preventive Measures

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According to Patanjali , asana means , “sthiram sukham aasanam “ i.e,. ” that position which is comfortable and steady ” . In Brahamanopanishad , “ To sit in a comfortable position or posture for everlasting period is called asana “. Asana is that state of body in which the body may be positioned easily . As a matter of fact , the ability to sit comfortably for an extended period of time in any position is called asana . In asanas , body is kept in various positions in such a way that the activities of organs and glands of body become more effective and eventually the health of mind and body is improved .

In fact , asana is a means through which physical and mental development is achieved . Prevention of diseases and delay in ageing are the desired effects that can be achieved through yogic exercises .

There are different types of asanas which include meditative asanas , relaxative asanas and corrective asanas . Regular practice of the above- mentioned asanas significantly affects various systems or organs of our body . Asanas can be used as preventive measures because they provide the following physiological benefits , which ultimately help us in avoiding various lifestyle diseases such as diabetes , obesity and cardiovascular diseases .