Feed them Pawfectly!

What if I offer you crores and crores of money and ask you to stay away from food for days in return? Will you do it? Can you survive without eating? I’m guessing it’s a NO!
Food is one of our necessities. Here ‘our’ not only includes humans but also animals. For animals food (including water) is their only requirement to survive but unfortunately, they don’t even get that.
You’ll have seen dogs, cats, cows, and various other animals come behind us while we walk on the street. They don’t walk behind you to harass you they come to you with hope in their eye. They just need food and a little love rather than getting hit by a stick. Being cruel to them won’t make you superior instead having empathy towards them and treating them like humans will.

Every mother loves to feed their children and would cook many dishes for them but don’t forget those mothers who search for food in a heap of garbage every day just to survive.
Do they deserve this? Of course not!
Nobody deserves this! Then why do they have to do this for their survival?

God has not given them a voice to speak but their eyes are enough to convey their sorrow.
Just feed an animal and see what they do for you in return. Trust me! you’ll be God in their eyes

Things to keep in mind before feeding a stray animal
 • Avoid sweets
Sweets take a lot of time to digest and can result in various health issues in them and can also affect their immunity.

 • Avoid fried and spicy food
Animals might not find fried and spicy food attractive. Avoid feeding them leftovers. Fried and spicy food can lead to many health problems

 • Avoid allergic food
Animals can be allergic to some food items just like humans. Always research before feeding.

 • Do not Overfeed
Every animal has their capacities to eat. Do not force them to eat more, it might make them ill.

 • Avoid plastic bags
Never give them food in plastic bags. They might stick their head inside it and cause breathing problems. Try using plastic bowls.

 • Serve them water
Water is as important as food for them. They can find their water but it’s best to serve them which will make their job much easier.

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