How crocodiles survived mass extinction ?

Crocodiles,by reading the name you would have picturised a massive creature with pointed teeth and a thick skin. The very appearance of them would terrify anyone. We can also call them as living relatives of dinosaurs but still it has always been a mystery on how crocodiles survived the extinction which wept out the entire dinosaurs. Crocodiles shares many common features with dinosaurs but they are different from one another and they have a distinct feature which allowed them to survive the mass extinction of dinosaurs.Though we can’t come up with a perfect conclusion still there are few amazing theories which leaves us wondering.

Crocodile show a slow metabolism which allows them to survive for months without food. They being cold blooded cannot generate own heat due to which they hibernate during colder periods. While hibernating they dig burrows in the side of river banks and go for a long sleep. This particular habit of them would have enabled them to withstand the climatic condition prevailed during the mass extinction. The period that followed the event of mass extinction brought a radical weather change which would have wiped of the remaining dinosaurs whereas crocodiles on the other hand had the ability to hibernate or go dormant adopted to the changes and survived the condition.

Another important characteristics of survival is in the process of reproduction. In this case the crocodiles gave rise to a large number of offsprings at a time whose young one takes quicker time to grow mature thus increases the possibility of survival.

They also have a strong immune system which enable them to fight against deadly diseases thus providing more anchorage to the survival process. They grow slowly and steadily in size adapting to the surrounding and availability of food which was not characteristic of the other creatures that lived during that age. Apart from all others features, crocodiles are smarter creatures which can be seen through the fact on how easily they can be tamed and trained. They understand the changing around them clearly and tend to adapt to it. All these factors together has assisted crocodiles to escape and thrive through the mass extinction.

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