Paddy-fish system

• An integrated rice field or rice field and pond complex .

• Fishes are grown concurrently or alternately
with rice .

• Fish – deliberately introduces/ fishes may enter
fields naturally from surrounding waters when
flooding occurs/ mix of both. • Allows the production of fish and other aquatic
animals, from the same rice field area without causing reductions in rice yields

Advantages .

• Readily available paddy fields can be utilized .

• Can serves as an off season occupation for farmer .

• Fish serves as an excellent agent for integrated Pest Management (IPM) .

• Fish – increase soil productivity and boost
the production of paddy.

• boosts productivity and income from unit area
Rabha tribe .

• Scheduled tribes of India.

• Mainly inhabit Assam and West Bengal .

• Live in small, isolated groups commonly called
as Rabha Basti .

• Indian journal of medical science
 HbE – a haemoglobin variant, is found in
high incidence among the Rabha tribes
(PS – For Anthropology optional)

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