Rakesh Kumar Yadav

Inspiration for Young Optometrists

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav, who was brought up in Nepal, has had every one of the makings of a virtuoso since he was a kid, and he has consistently been attracted to focus on new things. He was an individual from the Apollo Om HSEB school’s cricket crews. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav, then again, was normally attracted to sports as a solid part in secondary school and as a cop since he needed to kill drug and wrongdoing mishandle and appreciate the feeling of achievement that comes from helping other people. In any case, out of the blue, he took a crack at Christian College Bangalore to seek after a four year certification in optometry.

In the underlying days of his school, it was so hard for him to change in Bangalore that he needed to flee from that point. He was unable to try and focus on his investigation. The outcome was he bombed his first semester. That was the point at which he figured he should get back. At that point his educator and companions were with him. Of late he fabricated his self-assurance. He even begun giving time for his energy ie. playing cricket. At long last he was on the roll. He tried sincerely and passed upto fourth semester. Then, at that point he got presumptuous about his examination and begun bunking classes in fifth semester. Because of this, he was confined to give test. It was the most noticeably terrible period of his life. He tried sincerely much more and passed fifth and sixth semester.

He began temporary position in Narayana Netralaya where he drew near with his senior specialists and optometrist. He fostered his expert inclination, reinforce individual person.

Presently he works in Nepal. He runs his own facility.

His battle shows how our presumptuousness belittle us and leads us towards dimness. There is continually morning after the evening. Try sincerely and never let your life be constrained by anybody.

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