Nelson Mandela a activist, lawyer, politician, philanthropist who was known for Internal resistance to apartheid mandela was born on 18 July 1981 in the village of Mvezo in Eastern Cape. Hearing to the elders stories of his ancestors during the war Mandela decided to make his won contribution to freedom struggle of his people. Nelson was the name given by his primary school teacher Ms Mdingance band while continuing with Bachelor of Arts degree he was expelled for joining a student protest. Inspite of returning Nelson ran way to Johannesburg and worked as mine security officer and completed his BA and graduated in 1943 and began to study LLB by his own admission mean while he was prisoned and left the university and got imprisoned after months he obtained LLB. He was the country’s 1st Black head of sts6and 1st elected in a fully representative democratic election on 1994. His Government focused on dismantling the legacy of apartheid and served as President of African National Congress ANL and also as 19th secretary General of Non-aligned movement. After the National party’s white only Government established apartheid a behaviour of racial segregation that promoted whites, he and ANL committee themselves to its overthrow. Mandela was sentenced to life time prison because he was white Amid growing domestic and the pressure of fears and racial civil war. In 1962 using the adopted name David motsamay Mandela travelled around Africa and England to gain support for the armed struggle and was imprisoned by which in 1944 multi racial general election led ANL in victoru and made Mandela president and Medela emphasised reconciliation between the movement and declined as 2nd Presidential term and became an elder statesman and focused on combating poverty and HIV AIDS through his charitable foundation and gained international acclaim for his activism and succeeded. Which regarded an icon of democracy and social justice and received more thna 250 honours and Nobel peace prize. By which he was described as the ‘Father Of The Nation’. In 2004 Mandela successfully campaigned for South Africa to host 2010 FIFA world cup . The popular books of Mandela are long walk for freedom, The prison letters of Nelson Mandela, conversation with myself.

In mid 2013, Mandela was hospitalized for lung infection and said the last precious words’ I am prepared to Die’ and nailed the name to be the Father of the Nation. The awards which were popularized were the Sakharov prize, Bharat ratna, Nobel peace prize, Lenin Peace prize, Presidential medial of freedom, Nishan -e Pakistan.

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