The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered one of the most jobs crisis. The impact of this real danger that the crisis will increase poverty and widening inequalities. Countries now need to do everything they can to stop this job crisis from Turing into social crisis. A numerous people have lost their jobs especially women. The unemployment rate in the National Capital increased bu 17% with about 83%. Women respondents choosing to permanently opt stop workforce.

As per the centre of monitoring Indian Economy between mid 2016-2020 the female labour participation rate that is the percentage of women working out will fall from 16.4% to about 11% as per now it has been estimated that this numerical might be pushed down to 9%. The date stated that only about 10.7% of total workforce in 2019-2020 was in favour if women and about 13.9% of jobs losers will be a witness in India. The overall unemployment rate for Aug 2020 was 8.35% and will drop to less than 7% in the following months and it shall rather increase to 9.06%. The unemployment rate would be an underestimate as the denominator is not stable. India’s unemployment rate of 24% dispite the 77% literacy rate through the figure are discouraging the creativity and various fields the year brought to be forefront cannot be ignored more younger workers freshers and women but jobs with individuals moving into increasingly serve self employment in agriculture, construction and small scale trade.

Overall 54.3% workforce were affected by covid lockdown. Approximately 30% lost jobs and were then able to return to employment ,at least in terms of employment status if not tupe of work or income experience differ by age, gender, industry of employment. Around 59% of workers aged 15-24 years lost jobs or employment either during the lockdown when we compare to 40% and 35% of 25-34 years and 55-44 years respectively are affected less in numbers, having lost employment older workers were 4 times more likely to job the work. The freshers with less and no experience are in general cheaper to get hired or placed in an organization.

Consequently about 9 out of 10 older workers back place in the workforce but when compared with no experience or freshers about 5 out of 10 younger workers were in workplace. The pandemic led digital shift created a massive demand gir skilled professionals in domains like business analytics, data science, machine learning, cyber security, e-commerce, ed-tech and logistics hiring fresh and top rated tech talents for roles in emerging technologies as the demand for these programs in emerging tech.

we believe taht the top skills that will continue to be in demand next upcoming years.

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