What to do with kitchen waste?

Our kitchen generates lot of waste throughout the day whether it is vegetable peel, leftover meal or rotten vegetables and fruits. All of these waste goes into dustbin.

According to report 60% of waste comes from kitchen. These waste gets mixed and collected in landfills. These waste releases methane gas which is a greenhouse gas. This pollutes air and water.

We can use these kitchen waste to make compost. Nowadays people buy fertilizers from market but what if we use kitchen waste to make compost. Isn’t this amazing way to save Earth as well as money ?

How to make compost :-

First we need is kitchen waste called as green waste. Drained the excess water from it. These waste are rich in nitrogen. Second we need is dried leaf called brown waste. Third microbes ( an accelerator ). Fourth is container you can use any container either of earthen pot or anything as per your ease.

Put dried leaves in the lower of container above it spread green kitchen waste add some accelerator i.e; microbes on top of it. Again put another layer of dried leaves and close the lid of container. That’s one day waste. On second day repeat the same process. Once in 4-5 days mix it well so that it can absorb oxygen. Oxygen is essential for its breakdown.

When container get full keep it aside for 20-30 days. After 30 days compost is ready to use. We can this compost to nourish the plants and grow whatever we want.

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