An Inhumane Incident:Case of Bruno

Death of Bruno:
Bruno was the name of the dog that went through the unpleasant fate. Bruno was a friendly black Labrador in the care of Christuraj.The heart-breaking incident that lead to the death of Bruno took place in Adimalathura Beach,kottukal.The atrocious act happened in the state of Kerala, India.

On June 28,Monday three men at the Adimalathura Beach assaulted Bruno to death by hanging the dog to a fish hook of a boat and then Bruno was beaten by sticks. The accused Sunil(20), Silvester(22), and a 17 year old boy were arrested after this incident was filed as a complaint by the owner Christuraj. This vicious act was done to Bruno as it was resting under the boat of the accused.This incident came to light after the video of Bruno being beaten to death went viral on social media.The video was shared by the dog’s owner,christuraj. According to the police, Sunil one of the miscreants seemed to have some issues with his neighbour, Christuraj. The owner Christuraj was threatened by the culprits after the incident.

Bruno Dog:
The owner Christuraj was shocked after this brutal incident done to Bruno. He claimed Bruno as a friendly dog. Bruno was a 9-year old dog that usually has a habit of playing in the beach everyday.

Bruno’s Case:
Following the barbarous incident, Celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Tiger Shroff have raised their voices against the culprits. Kerala HC renamed Bruno’s case as “Tribute to dog brutally killed”.The court believed that this would be a tribute to the deceased dog.A great number of people raised their voices against this ruthless incident.
A similar case have been reported in Bangalore, two weeks ago. A man has brutally murdered a stray dog in the city and threw it in a drain. The video of the incident have been caught on camera and surfaced online. The police have filed a case against the man under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

Picture of Bruno with his caretaker, Christuraj.

Laws against animal brutality:
The amendment to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 have been proposed by the Union Government. Importance of Animal safety must be ensured as much it is ensured for the human beings.

Importance of Animal safety:
Animals are the most affectionate and lovable beings. Taking care of them with extreme protection is a primary duty to all of us. Animals must never be subjected to violence. In case of any difficulty caused unknowingly by them, it should be reported to helplines.The wide prevalence of today’s technology enables one to find help trouble-free.
Similarly animal cruelty must be reported to defend the animals. Laws can help to punish the culprits against the brutal act. Animals would never try to harm human beings unless we act as a threat to them. Hence, Violence against animals is a punishable offense and atrocious. Not only animals, other creatures must also never be harmed unnecessarily. It can later lead to serious consequences.


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