Beauty of Kashmir!

Kashmir is located on the Jhelum River in north India. It is always cold here. It is very beautiful. It is called Paradise on Earth. Its beauty seems very captivating in every season. In summer there is greenery everywhere and in winter everything is covered with snow. The red apples hanging on the apples look very beautiful. There are many tourist places to see in Kashmir like Gulmarg, Sonmarg etc. Gulmarg is called the life of Kashmir. Sarovars like Vullar add to the beauty of Kashmir.

The people of Kashmir are called Kashmiri Pandits and they are very beautiful. They are also non-vegetarians and consume kebabs etc. After eating here, it is rotated in sweets. Saffron is cultivated here. Whoever goes to this place makes sure to buy show pieces made of walnut wood, apple, Pashmina shawl and saffron. Kashmir is a matter of great dispute between India and Pakistan. Kashmir has its own flag and it has its own constitution under Section 370 of the Constitution of India. No person outside Kashmir can buy land in Kashmir.

The poet has rightly said about Kashmir that “if there is heaven on earth, it is here, it is here”. We have been fortunate enough to spend some of our holidays in Kashmir, but this happened a few years before the disturbances started in the valley. We usually visited Kashmir during our summer holidays. We took a train to Pathankot. Steal the bus from Srinagar. The last time we were there, we went to Chandan Van. A trip in the Kashmir valley is a beautiful experience. Green plains, long There are trees, lakes, springs, snow-capped mountains. Both sides of the streets are lined with Apple and Peer Orchard.

Wild strawberry grows in abundance everywhere, flowers and fragrant saffron are cultivated here. Kashmir relies on its image of being a paradise on Earth. A visit to the Shalimar and Nishat Gardens is a lake dating back to the Mughal era, when Nur Jahan’s favorite queen of Emperor Jahangir visited these gardens. There are beautiful poplar trees, flowers and fountains all over the place. Many Hindi films have been shot here. We often visited the lakes of Kashmir. Dal Lake, which is a major tourist attraction, has many home boats. Many foreigners come here and stay during their holidays. Many boats called the gazelle between these house boats and the shores of this lake. Likewise, there is the famous Wular lake, which is a large fresh water lake.

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However, among all the lakes of Kashmir, my favorites were Evanabal and Gangarbil lakes. Mansabal Lake is situated between the mountains and the Indus River. While the Gangarbal Lake is considered the source of the Ganges. It is closed in the rocky center of Harmok, Kashmir also has many springs for their healing powers. The most famous among all is Chashma – Shahi, or Shahi Vasant. It is known for its medicinal values. There is also a sulfur lake called ‘Tatta Pani’ in Kashmir. It is believed that if all take a bath in these springs, then all types of skin diseases can be cured. Kashmir is a trekker’s paradise. There are several trails scattered all over the valley which are ideally suited for trekking. They are variously known as Gulmarg or path of flowers, Sonamarg or path of gold etc. In fact the beauty of Kashmir binds a person and does not allow him to leave the place.