Ever imagined reading someone’s mind? Well you can do that once you go through the wonderful experience of learning effective communication. Yes, a simple yet complicated study of human behaviour, attitude, personality can be very well assessed through communication. Maybe you feel it absurd talking about communication since it’s a very typical thing we all inhibit as we grow. But, Let me correct you. It’s an art to communicate EFFECTIVELY.

Communication not only means speaking and listening. It’s more about how you present yourself while speaking and how you behave while listening.

It creates an impact on the person you are communicating with. Suppose you have a business meeting going on and you are wearing your pyjamas while presenting your COMPANY. The clients will lose interest on first sight since your clothes are speaking about you . And what if you go to a night club wearing formals, all eyes will be on you. Not because you look attractive, but you went the wrong place, they will think. Of course clubs welcome party wears! Every place has its own demand, you see. It is essential to get into what the situation demands of you.

For an effective communicator, you have to be a good speaker as well as a good listener. You should be able to ADMINISTER one’s thoughts. We will soon return to this point after learning few basics.

Now, When you are in a formal set up, you should know what your business requires you to be like. In a textile business you should have knowledge of cloth materials while in a transport business you should be aware of the routes where your business is operative. The basic motive behind KNOWING YOUR BUSINESS is that it allows you to interact with your clients, employees, suppliers, in a better way. The basic know-how plays an important role in deciding investment plans, employee- pay, expansion and likewise for the company. Similarly if you are an employee/employer of the company, you should be aware of the current trends and evolutions that may bother your business. Actions are to be taken accordingly. Each and every person concerned should be active in terms of knowledge. When you will go for an interview with no idea of what the company offers, the rejection happens before the communication. It is like hitting hammer on your own legs. Not only it creates negative impact about you but also there are chances of you being tricked by people. They may hire you for irrelevant or undesirable work without you knowing an inch about it. Such cases do exist!

However, Being knowledgeable is not sufficient to interact. You should follow the basic etiquettes of a business.

After making a formal appearance, Your body language while presenting matters a lot.

Body language shows how confident you are and what determination you have to turn the world around. Your behaviour should be active and not like the one of a procrastinator. Organisations employ or contract with only those who have the stamina to do something for their welfare. No one recognises a lethargic and frustrated person. You should be a solution provider for their problems and not a problem yourself.

Good posture and attentive behaviour are the ideology to get attraction towards you.

A smile on the face, tight hand shakes, confident walk

These attributes relate to interviews but apply to all businesses where companies deal with the clients on a daily basis. A serious look is not advisable as much a happy face while dealing formally. Weak hand shakes signal the low confidence level of a person. Similar is the case of walking manner. Remember, you are being judged throughout. Nothing gets ignored when it comes to formal interactions.

There are more of such signals that show your nervousness. While shaking hands, if your hands are getting cold, the interviewer will know it and such observations may affect your selections for jobs having specific demands.

Another example can be your movements. If you are clicking a pen while waiting for your turn in the interview or you are changing your postures very often or clicking your fingers; all of these give a direct impression in the interviewers head. Here, your behaviour speaks about you.

On the contrary, if you are too loud while speaking or too frank/cheerful/excited while interacting with that person of authority, it shows your over confidence or other such attitude as may be undesirable for the post you are being interviewed for. Formal set ups admire moderate personality employees-neither too loud in their behaviour nor too lazy.

Having discussed the basics, we now come to the most important and the final stage of our discussion – Administering the thought process

Now that you know the dressing sense, body language and awareness (knowledge) required for effective communication in formal set ups, we now learn how to read the mind of the individual we are interacting with. It is quite a simple task which comes with experience. Ever imagined how such big organisations manage time to interview a number of applicants ? They are the mind readers. They excel at knowing your personality via your thought process. You are asked questions that reflect you. Your way of speech and your answers decide if you are suitable. This is why interviews are often quick as they read you through your words and expressions.

But what does this has for you? You also can read them up. As humans, we interact and communicate on a daily basis. What you need is work upon it. Make your every interaction effective by being attentive and presentable. You will come up with more ideas to communicate through practice. You should be clear in your speech and responsive to others‘. Give time to others’ complete their point and make place for your words on the same hand. This way you get better at understanding point of views.

Through more such assessments you will become able to grasp ideas before people speak up. You will know what the interviewer is going to ask about. Yes, it happens! You too will start to get an idea of the thought process of a person and analyse his personality. These signals are hard to trace in formal set ups, that is why it comes with experience…