Being kind is the biggest asset in you.

I’m very sure humanity dead in this generation. Everyone are busy with their works, they forget helping others. In this world, each day has 24 hours and we ourself not even spend a single minute to see others. This is the only place where richer gets rich and poorer stays poor. How to get off the imbalance the rich should take over the poor. The life is undefined, even next minute may take our breathe after that there’s no use of hiding money. Just a single paper of currency can bring smile among many.

For an instance, while you’re walking in a road a man before you suddenly gets fainted there’s nobody noticing him even yourself never bought a bottle of water to wake him instead we all just take our mobile and tape him and put them in social media’s tagging RIP HUMANITY, yes humanity dead and the first accused is you.

There are many people in search of God and spending lot to find where’s the origin and who he belongs. But the actual truth is no such thing, don’t search God among others search God on you. If a hunger begger gets feed by you, then you’re the God to him. Feel the God in you, if you sow smile I’m others by helping then you can see the good aura in you.

There are many developed countries and many developing countries, between these two there’s another category countries which could be developed. The majority businessmen are failed to take care of their own motherland. Think others with a open communal mind, if the hungry of you gets over and still you have food then why you hesitate of storing it instead you could share it.

The question is where does it starts or whom does it should be. The answer is within you. Search yourself and start helping others. As a human you should take care on others too that’s why we are declared as 6th sensed beings.


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