Know about Engineering departments

What does an Engineer do?
Engineers design machinery, build skyscrapers, and oversee public works, but they address society’s needs and problems on so many other levels as well. At a molecular level, they work on drug delivery systems that work inside cells. At a macro level, they look at the particle flow of pollutants through soil to clean up oil spills, abandoned industrial sites and other biohazards. At a galactic level, they design spacecraft for other-planet exploration. At an atomic level, they develop data storage that focuses on the spin of electrons in atoms. Clean drinking water, safe food storage, and the protection of our environment are also under the engineering umbrella.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering which deals with the design, manufacturing, maintenance and testing of machines. It is also considered as one of the most diverse and versatile disciplines of engineering. Mechanical engineering also includes the application of mechanics, material science, applied mathematics and physics.

With the rise of modern technology, mechanical engineering has witnessed newfound importance with more and more students opting to learn less explored domains of robotics, mechatronics, nanotechnology, etc.

New trends and future scope:

The scope of mechanical engineering no longer remains limited to just manufacturing and testing of huge machinery and equipment. With technology making new advancements, there are several new domains in mechanical engineering which are being taken up by passionate engineers. These domains include robotics, new materials, nanotechnology, computer-aided design, geomechanics, etc. The two highly pursued domains are robotics and mechatronics, both of which combine the knowledge of mechanical engineering with other streams to deliver state of the art products.


Robotics is an interdisciplinary stream of engineering that combines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science with an aim to design and develop robotic systems along with computer systems to control them. With the AI revolution already started, Robotics as a stream has been on the rise and is expected to grow in both reach and demand in the coming decade.


Mechatronics too, is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering which usually combines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and Information technology. A mechatronic engineer is responsible for designing complex engineering systems, can assist in process automation and also test the systems in use in the processes.

From automobiles to heavy-duty lifting machines and even the modern aircrafts that defy speed barriers, a variety of modern systems are being designed under the supervision of expert mechanical engineers. You will not find mechanical engineers limiting themselves to the manufacturing industry anymore. Mechanical engineers are being welcomed in various industries with open arms and high compensation packages, provided that the candidates are skilled and proficient.

The current market scenario and scope:

According to the portal, the average salary of mechanical engineers falls below Rs. 3.4 lakhs per annum. A few skills are able to add value to this compensation package. For example, knowledge of robotics or robotics process automation and a sound understanding of electrical systems can make a recruiting firm provide you with a better pay package, as per their need. Even though the pay package is lower in certain sectors as compared to computer science engineering, mechanical engineer with IT skills are very high in demand and the pay package is higher than CS engineers.