The Glowing forest

Hello guys!!You guys may have heard of the term “forest” but have you ever heard of “Glowing forest”.

Yes! The forest that literally GLOWS at night.

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I am always awestruck by the art of nature,nature for me will always be a mystery.The things which we can never imagine in our life takes place in this huge world.

If you ever see a glowing forest you might think that lights from the city travelled all the way to the forest haha.But reality is far more impressive than any imagination you might have right now of a “glowing forest”.

Unexpected things that we come across in our life adds spice in our lives. Those unknown variables gives us these exciting experiences.

Learning about something and gaining knowledge should always be welcomed if they knock on our door of life.

Jumping right in to the topic.

How do you think these forests glow ?Got any idea about it.

Yes. I am using the word “forests” because they exist in various places all over the world.

So for today I am going to write about the enchanting and captivating forest that lies in Shikoku,Japan . At night time, the floor lights up in bright green due to the glowing mushrooms that create a luminescent ambiance as if we are in a fantasy .

During the rainy season these bioluminescent mushrooms emerge in the forest lighting up the whole forest creating a dream land.

Many hikers,travellers visit this place to experience the unknown world . Especially they visit at night because the forest’s speciality is glowing at night time .

There are various types of brightening mushrooms all over the world.

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Guys don’t get discouraged thinking that you will not be able to visit that place because it’s very far. We have glowing forest in India tooo.

The bioluminescent fungus that grows on the barks and twigs of the tropical forest floors when exposed to rain this phenomena takes place.There should be certain humidity and moisture conditions for this type of fungi to grow .


The fungi in the Western Ghats, on the other hand, belong to the Mycena genus, a group of tiny mushrooms that almost look like moss.

Even in Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary situated in Swapnagandha Valley of Goa, Chorla Ghat near Panjim is another place where you can find the cool glow. Belgaum in Karnataka is another place to find these light up mushrooms.

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We got to know how these forest are glowing but the reason what causes the luminescent nature of the fungi is still unknown.


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