Movie Review – Tribhanga

Plot Introduction:

The plot revolves around 3 generations of Women – Nayantara (a well-known writer ), her daughter Anuradha ( a ravishing, confident and courageous actress ) and her granddaughter Masha ( a kind-hearted young homemaker). All three of them are absolutely different from one another and the character of one had effects on the other. The plot unveils the effects and emotions of the three women at various parts of their lives.

Noteworthy Nayantara :

“Artists are simple people with complex minds”’

Artists, writers, actors are ingenious creatures who can take you to a new and unexplored world with their works. This is possible because of their imagination which requires a peaceful environment. But unfortunately, these 3 are the professions which are least valued by our society. People fail to understand that creative work evolved out of peace and time. Nayantara is passionate about writing and never fails to sacrifice the time she spends for it which was quite unacceptable those days. Hence she made a decision that could give her the freedom she always needed, unaware of the effects it would cause to her daughter. 

Anuradha and Attitude: 

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

Anuradha is affected by the separation of her parents in her childhood days which eventually makes her lose confidence in marriage and relationships. Hence she chooses the wild path and lives as a daring woman. The common mistake done by most of us is to judge people based on their attitude, behaviour, reactions etc. Every person we meet in our daily life is having some or another problem and undergoing stress because of the same. Some may be good at expressing their feelings. Some struggle to express their inner self. They need their own time to recover which is neglected most of the time. 

Masha with mysteries:

“The bruises of child abuse may heal but the scars will last for a lifetime”

According to research, it has been proved that adults who have been victims of sexual abuse are more likely to be affected by mental health, guilt, depression. When a girl is sexually abused in her childhood days, it affects her internally leading to an unsuccessful marriage. Either she cannot be emotionally attached to her family due to guilt or she might be petrified so that she accepts abuse in every other form from her partner just to retain the marital status. This is more evident in India due to the standards set by society. Masha was portrayed as a living example of child abuse in this film. 

Her mother had a unique standard of living which affected Masha in various ways. One of the boyfriends of her mother abused her at childhood days which gave adverse effects on Masha. She was petrified to confess the truth to her mother. Hence she accepted every other terms and conditions proposed by her in laws.

Communication is the key:

The plot described in Tribhanga could be easily related to our lives.  Every child takes an oath inside to avoid the gap persisting between them and their parents and remain as a cool parent in the future. But somehow or other the gap seems to continue over generations. The only solution for the problem is effective communication from both sides.

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