Why we should exercise?

Exercise is physical activity that is planned, structured and repetitive for the purpose of conditioning any part of the body used to improve health and maintain fitness. Generally you work up a sweat, breath heavy and increase your heart rate during exercise.

The muscle inactivity always leads to weakness and wasting of muscles.Muscles are no exception to the saying “use it or lose it”.Regular exercise increases muscle size, strength and endurance.There are several exercises according to the needs and benefits.For example jogging or biking results in stronger,more flexible muscles with greater resistance to fatigue.Stamina formation is mainly carried out through aerobic activities,such as running and swimming.

Benefits of aerobic exercise:

⭐Physical exercise is a major contributor to health and can improve the body in three ways:more efficient heart,and lungs, improved muscle tone,and more supply joints.

⭐It is also essential to prevent obesity.Due to regular exercise,blood supply to muscle increases,it results in supply of more oxygen.

⭐Further exercises make body metabolism more efficient, improve digestion and enhance neuromuscular coordination.

⭐Heart beat enlarges,so that more blood is pumped out with each beat,fat deposits are cleared from the blood vessels and the lungs become more efficient in gaseous exchange.

⭐These benefits may be temporary or permanent on the basis of regular and vigorous exercises.Aerobic exercises do not cause the muscle to increase in size,even though the exercise may go on for hours.

⭐Aerobic exercises increase the adaptability of muscles and give greater endurance to muscles.

⭐To gain good health,it is suggested that a total of atleast 20 minutes per day,of moderate exercise,to burn around 200 calories (837)a day,is required.Regular exercise is preferrable to occasional intense sessions.

The bulging of muscles of a body builder or proffesional weight lifter results mainly from resistance or isometric exercise in which muscles are pitted against some immovable,or nearly so, object.

Endurance and resistance exercises produce different patterns of muscle response,it is important to know what your exercise goals are.

Weight lift will not improve your endurance for a marathon race.At the same time, jogging will do little to improve your muscle definition nor will it make you stronger.Proper exercise for proper goal is necessary.

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