Done Class 12th , What Next?

After the class 10th and 12th people usually have a dilemma of what to do next. Most of the children opt for medical and non-medical lines eying to become a computer science engineer or a doctor. In most cases people chose these streams purely based on pay, some due to parental pressure – Well Sharma Ji’s son and daughter are engineer and doctor so how can their relative’s children chose arts or commerce. This is a common notion throughout the country. Other professions are not considered at par. But what exactly are other professions?

After class 10th streams are broadly divided into Medical, Non-medical, Commerce, and Arts. The detailed professions after class 12th are below:

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It mainly comprises physics chemistry and math. Most of the people do BTech which is further branched into a plethora of fields like Computer science, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical and so on. People also do Bachelor of Architecture which comprises building construction. Besides this people can also opt for 3 year long BSc courses in the field of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Application.


After completing physics chemistry and biology students have options like MBBS, BDS which comprises of Dental Science, B Pharma. ( a 4 year long for becoming a chemist) , BSc Nursing, BHMS (Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery), BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery). Just like Non, medical students can also opt for B.Sc. in Chemistry, Biology, Physics.

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They have math, economics, accounts, business studies as their subjects. The most popular stream followed after class 12th is B.COM, a 3-year long course consisting of subjects related to finance and commerce. People who further want to do MBA usually opt for B.COM. There also other courses like BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), CA, etc.


There are innumerous subjects like political science, history, English, economics, etc. Usually, people opt for BA after class 12th which can be done for various subjects like philosophy, political science, English, etc. People whose interest lies in drawing and painting chose BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts). After that, they can take various professions like interior designing, etc.

Common courses

There are various courses which a student can opt after class 12th irrespective of their branch. People interested in law can opt for LLB (Bachelor of Law). People belonging to the agriculture domain opt for B.Sc. Agriculture. To become a fashion designer students do B.Sc. in Fashion Design. Students having a passion for teaching opt for B.Ed. in their particular domain. People who are intrigued by mass communication and journalism opt for BJMS(Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication. Likewise, there are various other fields.

Although there are various fields to explore students usually are restricted to particular fields like medical and non-medical. However, if someone has a passion in a particular domain, he/she will find success one day or another …