“Jojo Rabbit” – A Humurous,Holocaust Movie !

Literature and the Holocaust

Recollecting those distressing periods of all times in the world of history, where the Holocaust is considered one of the most prominent events which is still a devastating wound to the Human community. Especially, One of the most terrorizing historical traumas for the Jews.

Profoundly, any form of Art: Literature, Films, etc have held their back and portrayed Nazism and the terrified rule of Adolf Hitler which is famously a topic when discussed Communism. Majorly the movies had contributed their best and still giving the audience a piece of vibrant information about the politics, social life of that time of Nazi protocol.

“Heil Hitler”! – The Autocratic power of Hitler:

The movie begins with the background music of the song “The Beatles’ Komm gib mir Deiner Hand (the German version of their smash single I Wanna Hold Your Hand). This shows us how the Protagonist (JoJo Betzler) who is a kid of 10yrs and Appears on the screen dressed up with the uniform of Scouts of Germany which is a dress commonly for the Young boy who is trained for the war.

Imaginary Friend Hitler: We see that the movie starts where JoJo is Practicing being strong and confident and saying Heil Hitler to his friend Hitler himself – (Heil Hitler was the word people used to wish each other as a greeting purpose) This symbol presents us that Hitler was the god Figure for Germany.

Brainwashing young minds of Germany: Many instances from the movie portray us how the young children were brainwashed and made them the ardent follower of Adolf Hitler. “The Weekend Training of boys’ and girls’’ in the movie where boys were taught to be tough and made ready for the war, whereas the girls were trained to be like a woman and teach the nursing skills if men get injured in war.

Events like, “Burning of books” – A real incident where the kids are trained to burn all books and literature of the Jews. These young minds are taught at schools about the Jews and how much they are not good for the world. Hitler politically tried to depress the Jews with his young generation of Germany so that this war will continue till the end.“Burning of Books” is commonly referred in Holocaust literature which happened during Hitler reign where Nazi Germany main motive was to make german literature flourish by supressing Jew literature.

Structure of the house: The structure of the house, people, and the lifestyle portrayed in the movie is the same as people at the time of Nazi Germany lived.

Theme: A pervasive theme in the film is that of the Nazi party and their anti-Semitic and oppressive regime. The film’s protagonist, JoJo, wants badly to fit in with his fellow Nazis and to ascend the ranks of the party, becoming a soldier.

Johanna Betzler, (Mother of JoJo): She was the fiercest woman who raised his son alone while her husband was at war. She was secretly keeping a Jew at her house in the attic, which her son later got to know, and his life became upside down after the Jew girl’s arrival.  The mother was Anti- Nazi and hated wars, this trait of her gave her death at the end, and she tried to raise his son just like her, but his son became just like the other boy of his age who was anti–Jew. Usually we come across certain movies and literature with holocaust elements have this setup of attic where the jews are hidden by there friends as not all germans were bad!

Relationship of Jew and Nazi: The movie represents us how a Jew and Nazi lived under one roof and the differences in their mindsets made them different. But it’s fun watching if you would like a light-hearted, comedy movie with the real events of Nazi conspiracies held onto it. In particular, this movie is best for children to make them understand about friendship, love , life and compatibility in different types of relationships.

Conclusion: Well, it is worth watching this movie as it not only provides us information about Nazi Germany but also gives us the message of “An Anti-hate satire,” “Jojo Rabbit” seeks to strike a delicate balance in using a Hitler-obsessed boy – during Nazi Germany’s final throes. Love, war, Trust, and friendship are also important themes that can be taken into consideration.

“Jojo Rabbit “, is one of the best Holocaust movies which are portrayed with all the fine lines between Nazi Germany and the Jews. The dialogues by each Character make them unique in their own way as all of them are portraying the audience of that period who were under the grip of Adolf.