If Dreams Were Horses….

If dreams were horses, beggars would ride.

The above quotation has been very well depicted in the story Going Places by the author A.R Barton. Sophie, a teenager whose dreams and disappointments are all in her mind. Dreams are forte and integral part of her life due to which she thinks life to be bed of roses and is busy in concocting the stories, due to which she lands in thick soup one day. She is not ready to accept the reality of being embarked for biscuit factory.

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Geoff, Sophie’s brother, was three years out of the school. His silence was his hallmark. Words have to be priced from his mouth alike stones or gravels from road. He is a realistic person, working as a mechanic and accepts what he is bestowed with.

Sophie and Geoff, both hero worship and idolize Danny Casey, an Irish prodigy and footballer, but Sophie takes the footballer in her dreams. She thinks of meeting him at arcade and dating him. On the other hand, Geoff is only restricted of sticking Danny Casey’s photograph on the wall and celebrate his victory with pomp and show.

Hence, Geoff and Sophie, though of the same family, had different approaches, where on one hand Sophie thinks of riding big cities, but Geoff is a realistic person.

Summary of Chapter 8 Going Places NCERT Class 12 English

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