On June 11, 1974 a 21 year old Georgann Hawkins was going back home after meeting some old friends. It was almost midnight when she saw a car stop by her. Inside the car she sees an old friend whom she talks about the anxiety she is developing due to the upcoming Spanish exam. They talk for a while and leave. Just across the street she sees a well suited charming man with crunches trying to lift the briefcase and put it into the truck of the car. Being the polite and caring woman she was, she offered to help the man. The man gladly accepted the help and thanked her. When she leaned into the truck to put the briefcase she feels a sudden rush of pain in the back of her head as if someone had hit her with a blunt object so strong. Within a matter of seconds she passes out. Hours later she wakes up with an acute concussion, at the back seat of the car of the man she helped ago. Still confused Georgann asked ” are you going to help me with my Spanish? ” After which she is strangled to death and thrown in the woods. The same man visited her several times and does unspeakable things. This man is none other than Ted Bundy!

Georgann Hawkins


If you are interested in crime and mystery series then you must know who this man is! Ted Bundy, the well known serial killer and a twisted psychopath.

Psychopathy is traditionally a personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behavior impaired empathy and remorse and bold dis-inhibited egotistical traits. Here is a catch, Ted was a psychopath but not every psychopath is Ted Bundy. In our society there have bee people who are psychopaths who are excellent leaders, CEO s, lawyers etc, who never harmed anyone. The real deal is, they wouldn’t mind harming someone is they wanted to. Nobody but a psychopath himself can determine that he is a psychopath.

They are extremely smart people. Easily hide themselves and their motives and blend themselves like jelly. Usually people like these are aware of their lack of emotions at a really early age and use a phenomenon called Masking, where they constantly pick personalities that will help them to blend with the crowd. When Ted’s wife got to know about his personality she was blown away and quoted “that man used to make me feel like a new bride every day.”



  1. Zero empathy – For a psychopath nothings maters more than themselves. no emotions and fails to understand emotions.
  2. Narcissistic overload – This comes hand in hand with psychopathy. With every sense of emotion the sense of humility is non existence to them.
  3. Intelligence – They are very goal oriented people. They put a 100% in their plans that are indeed, always successful.
  4. OCD – Their goals wouldn’t be very huge but they all suffered with OCD as they obsess over something. For Ted it was rendering women helplessly and raping them.
  5. Charm – If charm and a good behavior is what will take them to their goal then they will obtain the quality. They lie effortlessly and so well that they are never caught. They can fake laughing and crying just to blend with the crowd.


Ted Bundy was born on November 24, 1946. He had a strange childhood where he believed that he was adopted by his grandparents and his mother was his sister. His mother didn’t tell him the truth as she was ashamed of the fact that Ted was born out of wedlock. He was handsome and easy to talk to. He later admitted that he never really card about making friends. Ted used to do normal things like others as going to church and dating women but when he got rejected he had this un-suppressible urge to take revenge.

Ted was a psychology student who graduated in the same from university of Washington in 1972. He even worked on the phones at the suicidal prevention hotline center later in life and became the assistant director of Seatle’s crime prevention advisory commission. As unsettling that is, he even published pamphlets telling women ways to prevent rape. By this time he had raped many women.

Ted used charms and approachable behavior to catch his victims. He often wore a sling or crutches to appear helpless and gained empathy from his victims whom he often attacked. Many suffocated in sleep and many rendered unconscious by the hit on their head with crowbars and man were simply stabbed. He chose young women who were students and attacked them with an object while they were sleeping or render them helpless before sexually assault them.

after being caught in 1977 he chose to fight his own case and gained access to library. There he jumped out of the window and ran away. He outsmarted the authority again and escaped for a real long time. With stolen vehicles and stolen food he escaped to Florida, where one night he snuck in one of Florida’s university hostels and had assaulted 4 women within 15 minutes, out of which 2 died. He even killed a 12 year old girl shortly after.

He was caught by a cop for driving a vehicle that was reported stolen. That cop who arrested Bundy had no idea whom he had captured. On the way Bundy said ” I wish you could have killed me”. The story of Ted Bundy still haunts the mankind to the day. The man was diagnosed with psychopathy, sociopathy, anti-social personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and multiple personalty disorder. He was ultimately executed in 1989 by electrocution.



There are a lot of films and documentaries written and made on Ted Bundy. Where some of them have his own taped films.

Article By : Haniah Mirza

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