Should the death penalty be banned?

“Capital punishment is the most premeditated of all murders.” Everyone has different views about capital punishment also known as the death penalty. According to me the death penalty should be given in only very critical situations, eg- if a person keeps repeating the crime even after they have been punished because they clearly show no interest in becoming better and people like this are a constant threat to society. Whether legal or not death penalty is a murder and I believe we have no right to take someone’s life. Criminals who do heinous crimes like murder, rape etc. are supposed to suffer in jail and repent for having done those actions, killing them would do no good. By killing them we are actually letting them go easy. Everyone deserves a second chance because we are humans we can make mistakes. By giving them a second chance I don’t mean freeing them. What I am trying to imply is by placing them in jail they will get a chance to hopefully change for the better. Like Archbishop Desmond Tutu said, “There is no justice in killing in the name of justice,” In case of murder the victims family will not get the victim back the only way they can cope with the immense pain they are going through is by knowing that the killer is suffering in jail. Our justice system must be developed in the way that the right criminal gets the death penalty. But death penalty should be a unanimous choice after all a life is a life. There are many cases where the criminal has done something really bad and they themselves ask for the death penalty because they know that in their cell block whatever they have done will forever haunt them, and if they don’t get the death penalty then end up killing themselves. What we don’t understand are that these criminals are also humans no matter how crazy they are they have a little humanity. It is extremely hard to live with that guilt of doing something wrong.

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