This is a topic that each one of us need to address, and over the years, there is definitely been a rise in discussions on but what has predominantly tampered these discussions are the issues of finance, because skincare isn’t just for the middle class or the elites, it’s is for everyone, even if the common consensus is not for the same. 

Undoubtedly, there are startups and other companies that cater to the lower side of budget scale, and even deliver a somewhat mediocre result, but it still isn’t cost effective for everyone. 

Next, the complicated process that is served to us, makes us blinded towards what our needs are or what our skin needs, we are normalised to ignore the nourishments our skin needs, the lil’ TLC we deserve, rather we are fished by companies, complicating the process and many celebrities add more to this complication, just because it suits their skin, it doesn’t necessarily suit yours, and these celebrities are more often than not are paid to promote a certain product, or are using products that are capable to leave a dent on your pockets.

So what’s the best line of action? Some R&D, dig through articles, figure what skin type you have, read what could suit your skin, what could benefit you, and is good for you — ingredient wise, and one that, start filtering what suits your budget, and what is easily available to you, read more about the products and the company, their ethical practices, and its cruel-free deliverance, and once you are satisfied with your choice, go for it, trust you gut, since its about self care, start loving yourself as well. 

And make sure, you always, ALWAYS, listen to your skin’s needs, they will speak to you and depending upon that go by your routine, nothing has to be rigid.