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Nua women

Menstrual Hygiene:

Menstrual Hygiene is the area with the least awareness in India. It is pathetic to know that only 18% of women in India have access to better sanitary hygiene. The rest percentage of the women make use of economic alternatives to pads like cloths unaware of the side effects caused by them. This is primarily due to the fact that despite everyone knows about periods, their frequency they consider it a  disgrace when discussed in public. Pads that are primarily composed of synthetic material are constantly in contact with the skin surface causing rashes, infections, etc.

The Launch:

Nua women was launched in the year 2017 in Mumbai by Ravi Ramachandran and Swathi Kulkarni with the goal of making the menstruation cycle to be hassle-free. The market of sanitary pads in India enormous due to the population prevailed in here.  But it never remained as an untapped market.  Amidst the global competitors like Whisper, Stayfree, Nua Women was launched. Hence it was expected to make a Herculean effect to gain the attention of the audience and capture the market.

Novel Nua Women:

While certain startups were hustling to capture the market with their innovative market, Nua women choose either way. Following are the reasons for their triumph in India:

  • User experience: They understood their customers clearly at the early stage of its launch. Hence they ensured that they would provide not just a product but an experience. They came up with a plan where their users can choose pads according to their flow. Most of the women would have definitely wished for such a plan as the flow varies between day 1 to day 4. 
  • Marketing: While the primary pad brands were advertising with animations of pads, Nua women started to advertise by forming a community. In the community, women expressed thor period concerns, queries, and pains. The engagement was kept active and all their concerns were addressed. Social media played a vital role in the exposure of their product. This was one of the primary reasons for their initial funding by LIghtBox Ventures.

They also partnered with some women influencers and made promotional videos. The videos clearly explained their product and made very women connect it with their life. Their advertisement in partnership with the Youtube Sensation CheekyDNA won the Best Brand Integration Category Award at StreamCon.

  • Subscription: In the industrious world, everyone is running to balance their work and life. When the product is proven to reduce their time and efforts then it’s for sure a hit in the market. Women normally forget to refill their pads and in such cases, they use pads from their friends or from the sanitary vending machine at their workplaces. The change in brand may cause them discomfort. Hence Nua women came with a subscription plan where they can pay for a period of 3 months and pads will be automatically refilled every month.
  • Rash-free pads: Rashes are the most primary concern of women while purchasing a pad. Nua women customers are saying the rashes have considerably reduced after its usage. 
  • Stress-free Disposal: If you are the one who is irritated by the disposal of pads, Nua women has got your back. Every pad comes with a disposable cover and the way of disposal is smooth.

Funding Facts:

Initial Funding: Series A funding of 5.4 Million Dollars by LIghtBox Ventures in 2019.

Latest Funding: Pre Series B funding of 7.4 Milion Dollars by LightBox Ventures and Kae Capital in June 2021.

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