The Golden Olden institution

Hello guys!

Jumping straight into the topic . Do you guys know how old the school you studied in ? Have you ever heard of an institution that might be established hundreds of years ago and present till know?

I asked that question because I recently got to know about an institution that is almost 479 years old and also is present till now . Fascinating isn’t it!

As the saying goes “Old is Gold” this 479 year old institution is also a “treasure”.

This 479 years old Educational Institution in India still continues the tradition of imparting knowledge

This institution is Raja Veda Kavya Patasala, established in 1542 AD. It is located in Kumbakonam,Tamilnadu,India.

Started by Govinda Dikshitar, the prime minister of Nayaka kings.
The Veda Patasala still runs in Kumbakonam today .


This patasala is providing vedic education for almost 5 centuries without any interruption adds another feather to it’s cap.

This institution is established on the southern banks of the river cauvery with prime aim of imparting the knowledge of Vedas and sastric studies.

From:veda patashala

It’s speciality is students here don’t use pen and paper to mug up the answers later ,they don’t carry heavy bags here everything is taught vocally and people also should remember which inturn increase the memory capacity of the students.

These are the institutions that still carry on the legacy of our Indian Vedic culture to our future generations.

These type of institutions are the backbone of our country’s vedic knowledge. They are the torch bearers for future generations.