Top 10 Bollywood Movies to watch before you die

  1. Zindagi na milegi dobara

Friends Kabir , Imran and Arjun take a vacation in spain before Kabirs marraige. This trip turns into and opportunity to mend fences , heal wounds , fall in love with life and combat their worst fear . this friendship based story has its own impact on the audience with such a beautiful cast and story telling .Its a worthy watch for sure.

2. 3 Idiots

this story is also about there friends wo are studying in IIT where they struggle with the education system and their careers ahead . this story is a must watch for the students a life changing experience with a exceptional cast Aamir Khan , Shraman Joshi and R.Madhavan . the story tells us to not fear the future but live in the present

3. Dil Chata Hai

This romantic comedy, directed by then newcomer Farhan Akhtar, was a revitalizing, truthful take on bond and affection.This story was really hearttouching with not only love but the friendship it showed . the was beautiful and storytelling was also exquiste

4. Queen

After being left at the altar Rani decides that she will buid herself a new future and goes on her honeymoon to Europe alone an dhas expereince of a lifetime . a very beautiful movie to watch for all women and become independent .

5.Rang de Basanti

The story of six young Indians who assist an English woman to film a documentary on the freedom fighters from their past, and the events that lead them to relive the long-forgotten saga of freedom.When Sue selects a few students to portray various Indian freedom fighters in her film, she unwittingly awakens their patriotism. The emotional and mental process turns them into rebels for a cause.

6. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Shot throughout India, London, and Switzerland, the beloved “DDLJ” (The Big-Hearted Will Take the Bride) follows one man’s quest to win over the hand of a woman he meets by chance on a trip to Europe. The only trouble is, her father has already arranged for her to marry someone else.

7. Lagaan

Set in the early 1890s amidst India’s colonial British Raj, Lagaan tells the tale of one village’s journey out of their overtaxed debt under their British rulers. The wager for overcoming their unjust circumstances? Beating their officers in a game of cricket.

8. Mughal-e-Azam

One of the oldest industries of all time Indian Cinema evokes a sense of colour, splendour and effervescence in viewers. The industry that dates to 1896 has contributed immensely to make Indian cinema what it is today.Today, we are taking you through 20 of the most amazing and greatest Indian movies that created a remarkable mark in the industry!

9. The Sky Is Pink

The Movie is based on the true story of Aisha Chaudhary, who suffered from severe combined immunodeficiency and pulmonary fibrosis, and tells the story of her parents Aditi and Niren as they navigate their marriage while dealing with their daughter’s illness.


When Shruti leaves Barfi heartbroken, he meets and forms a special bond with Jhilmil, a girl with autism. However, months later, a chance encounter with Shruti causes old feelings to resurface.


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