Fasting is considered as a part and parcel in the process of losing their weight and staying healthy. When it comes to fasting there is no one approach that is suitable for all. As the time progresses newer ways of fasting are coming to light. On the one hand we have diets that involve eating only during a certain time window (Intermittent Fasting) and on the other hand we have a diet that involves not eating at all for hours. This type of diet is known as Water Fasting.

Water fasting is a type of fasting that restricts the consumption of any kind of solid foods as well as drinks (even zero calorie drinks) except water. Someone who wishes to pursue this diet must only intake water during the entire timeline of their fasting. Even though the practice of restricting food intake has been around for a long period of time but people normally don’t do it for a period long enough for it to actually work. Water diet is as extreme as other forms for dieting and it a little bit tougher follow as compared to other forms of fasting too. However, before considering following this diet one must be familiar with both sides of the coin.


+ The main advantage of water diet is that it helps in loosing weight.
+ Water diet helps in improving blood pressure and keeps blood sugar levels in check too.
+ It helps in breaking down broken cells and further recycles them.
+ Consuming so much water for days will detoxify you body and ensure all toxins are excreted.
+ Some studies have shown that water fasting reduces the risk of certain types of cancer and diabetes too.
+ It has physical as well as psychological benefits. It helps in improving the cognitive functioning.


– This fasting might help in weight loss but the results are short lived.
– Giving up food for long period of time can trigger an eating spree leading to development of disorders.
– It might sound odd but drinking that much water can lead to dehydration. You could feel dizzy, nauseated and might even develop headaches.
– It increases the risk of kidney stones.
– Consumption of only water can lead to nutrient deficiency in the body.
– And lastly, water fasting can worsen many other health conditions and impact you body negatively.


As you would have been able to judge by now that water fasting not as easy as it sounds, there are certain categories of people who should avoid it at all costs. The categories include:
1. people having eating disorder
2. pregnant women
3. people with severe diseased
4. people who have heart problems, diabetes and migraines
5. people who are underweight

Except from the people mentioned above, everyone who wants to follow the diet must consult their doctors once to avoid complications in the future. These kinds of fasting are physically tiring so try to avoid exercising and undertake the fast on days when you can take ample rest and the effects don’t take a toll on you. Doctors recommend a person not to fast more than 3 days at a time. The fasting period can be anywhere between 24 hours to 3 days.

Fasting and different kinds of diet might look appealing but they work only if you are regular and if your body agrees with it. No one should push their body to its limits just to loose that stubborn belly fat. Start easy and then progress. Remember that you must not loose your healthy self in a race to loose weight. Consume whatever is healthy and best suited for your lifestyle.

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