An ultimate solution to tea bags ‘Tea Infuser’

As soon we wake up we need our cup of tea . Normally we make tea from loose leaves but for ease big companies started selling tea in teabags. We only have to dip these teabag in hot water or milk and our tea is ready.

Teabag seems like paper bag but to keep the seal and shape of teabags intact in hot water, some companies are mixing polypropylene in it, which is a type of plastic. When teabag is dipped in hot water billions of microplastic gets released in tea, so basically it is not good for health.

To find out teabag is made of plastic or not we just have to rip a single bag with hands. If it rips easily, then it’s a paper bag. If it doesn’t rip easily then either it’s cloth bag or there is high chance of plastic mixed in it. Also teabag comes in different packets which is plastic wrapper so it generates a lot of waste.

Solution to teabags

It is best to make tea with loose leaves but this is not possible during travel that’s why most people use teabags. We can use Tea Infuse instead of tea bags. Tea infuser starts from Rs. 150/- and it is made up of steel.

We just have to open it fill it with tea leaves and use it as teabags. This won’t release any microplastic nor any waste would be generated. We can use tea infuser multiple times and it is compact, easy to carry during travel. This will save money as well because loose leaves are much cheaper than tea bags. One can buy tea infuser at any crockery shop or online.

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