Believe it or not

A tree in uttar pradesh bears 121 varities of mango. Definately a good news for mango lovers.

15-year-old tree at Saharanpur district in UP is known for its mangoes. Horticulturists in Uttar Pradesh have managed to grow 121 different varieties of mangoes through grafting on a single tree. Grafting means the branches of different types of mangoes were planted on the branches of this 15 year old tree, when it is 10 years old. This was done for researching new varieties and taste of mangoes. The tree chosen for the research was 15 years old. Saharanpur is already famous for it’s mango production.

There are different varieties of mangoes found on that tree which include Dasheri, Chaunsa, Ramkela, Amrapali, Saharanpur Arun, Rataul, Kalmi Maldah Mango, Bombay etc. Horticulturists working on new species so that better varieties of mangoes can be produced. The tree has been grown in a very special way. This year, tree started producing 121 different varieties.

In India, there are around 1,500 mango varieties. Each state has their own specific variety, which is loved by people of that state.

Different types of mangoes are found on all the branches of this tree. According to research experts people can also use this technology.

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