Best AI Movies- part2

In the last blog, we have seen 2 best AI movies. Now we are going to continue that. Previously we have seen Ex Machina and 2001: A Space Odyssey. In our list, the movie that ranks 3 is Metropolis.


Metropolis is a 1927 German film, and undoubtedly, this movie served to be a pioneer for many AI related movies. This film depicts a future world where the wealthy people of the society live a easy and luxury life on the surface. In contrast to that,there is a city deep down in the underground where working- class people labour out of sight on the machinery that supports Metropolis. In time, this oppressive situation eventually leads to a class conflict. Freder Frierson, being a member of the wealthy class, falls in love with a working- class women named “Maria”. He also discovers the hard life under the city and is determined to help the workers. To support his plan and his relationship with Maria, Freder’s father, a scientist creates a robot in Maria’s image. Within the context of the film, the robot Maria seems to have its own mind that causes rebellion within the working class and eventually attempts to destroy Metropolis. With the massive popularity of ‘Metropolis’, the robot Maria stands as the first significant robot in film industry. It is the first film to attempt AI in the storyline.


The movie “Her” ranks 2 in our list. This film highlights emotional intelligence in the form of Human- Robot romance. This film reveals the direction humanity might be headed if artificial intelligence continues to evolve. The main lead of the film doesn’t know what he wants from life and people after being pushed to the verge of divorce. His life takes an unexpected turn when he begins to find peace in the voice of his computer’s new OS – Samantha. The heartfelt conversations with the AI system Samantha makes him fall in love with it. Despite its advanced settings, the idea of this movie is alarmingly genuine and there relies its brilliance. Given our dependence on innovation, AI voice assistants and Virtual realities may soon witness relationships between devices. They are engaging, entertaining, yet sad.


Last on our list is Pixer’s masterpieces and one of the thought -provoking movies, “Wall-E”. Wall-E is an excellent contrast to other AI killer robots shown in films. This is the last solar-charged robot left on Earth. He spends his days tidying up the mess that humans have created before leaving the Earth. Yet, during 700 years, Wall-E has developed a character and it is being sad of being alone. At that point he spots EVE, a smooth and more advanced AI not sent back to Earth on a scanning mission to find any existence of life. It ignores Wall-E entirely as he was a robot. Smitten Wall-E embarks on his most incredible adverture and follows EVE across the galaxy and along the Milky Way. Wall-E can’t even talk but his characteristics and mannerisms resemble human behaviour. Another important aspect is Wall-E tells a story where AI saves humanity rather than destroying it. This is interesting as it shows a sense of dependency and the needs of AI for creating a better future. Wall-E is one of the best AI movies that do well to combat fears of AI potentially destroying the world.