India and the Pandemic

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Effects of pandemic on India

India, being a growing nation is drastically effected by the pandemic. Not a single area is left untouched by its effect.

Starting from the most affected area which is the tourism sector. With the government imposing complete lockdown in the initial days of pandemic tourism industry almost collapsed. Small business owner were helpless. For all of us this was the first time experience of such a situation we only have read in the history textbooks about the world wars but hardly anyone knows how to face them we were such naïve. Talking about the tourism sector, everyone was very terrified of the pandemic so majority people just shut themselves into their cozy houses till everything was over but not every one have that big a house or the resources to stay home they were the daily wage workers who gets money only when they travel. So they were helpless many people have changed their professions they moved to their respective home town to work in the farms seeing no scope of employment the city.

Other area that was affected was the educational as their was a severe change in the method of teaching from traditional classroom teaching to completely online. It has effected the students mental health very badly.

The entrainment industry is also effected by the pandemic with the crew members starving to earn money as the industry was completely shut down.

Hope,we will learn from this and will save our planet from any such happening in near future.   

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