Is Having One Global Language Preferable: Why/Why Not

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Global language is the language spoken internationally that many people learn as a second language. We use language to communicate and send messages to other people. Language is very important to have because it eases our lives by making our transfer of information to others much more easily. Different languages are spoken all over the world. There are between 10000 languages spoken. The country with the most languages spoken is Papua New Guinea. In New Guinea they speak approximately 820 languages, with English, as one of their official languages. 

One Global Language

If there was to be a single global language that all the world’s citizens would have the ability to communicate easily with individuals from different countries thus creating more equality. If the world was better able to understand each other than there would likely be a reduced amount of conflict because there would be no loss of communication when being translated. A single global language would also prove to be more efficient in the global economy because the worlds businesses and corporations would be better able to communicate. For instance, every country has their own language because of cultural differences and background but in school they are taught another language to be able to communicate with someone of another ethnicity if they needed to.

Most of the wars and conflicts in our history are because of not having proper communication between nations. Countries such as USA and Canada usually have very good relationship partially because of having adequate mutual understanding of each other. This understanding between nations can be achieved when the nations and not only the intellectuals are able to communicate with each other directly. We live in a world where there exists thousands of languages , it is not possible for a person to learn all the languages so it’s not possible for us to have several global languages.

No Global Language

If we decide to keep one global language then all other languages would eventually disappear and along with them their cultures would disappear as well. Each language and culture is beautiful with its own way of life and own perspectives which will be lost if there were only one language. Our language is our identity to tell people where we come from and yes we could not change the worlds language because to learn it , it would be hard and it takes more time learn. There would be the argument from every country, France could say that they want the world to speak French or the British could say that they want the world to speak English also the music would be boring because all the music has one language and we also like different languages music. There should not be a global language because it would take away from the individuality of the differing countries and their diverse cultures. The world would be bland and if everyone was the same, new ideas and inventions would stagnate. The diverse groups of people in the world are what makes the human race what we are.

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