Need To Draw Out Of Desolation.

Labor force are the pillars of the economy. Every economy whether developed or under developed makes use of Labor intensive techniques of production. Therefore, it is pertinent to secure rights amended for labors by providing them due respect which they deserve rather than desolation or pain. It is rather shocking to see the plight of labors in India today, who have a lot of burden and despite of this they doesn’t get adequate salary or respect, which can be clearly seen from the people living in Firozabad, India’s glass blowing industry.

Why Homebuilders Can't Find Labor

Years of mind numbing toil has killed their initiative to work, for they have to work in dingy cells, in extreme conditions, making them close their eyesight.

Labor force are not able to raise their voice, due to the middle men, sahukars and inspectors, due to which there is a vicious cycle of poverty, apathy, pain and suffering which make them desolated from the joys and tribulations of life. They have lead sky and no hopes for their future.

The need of the hour is to urge the development of these laborers by giving them food, shelter, income which can only curb the poverty prevailing in India.

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