Ocean acidification

Ocean acidification is a serious environmental problem, it is equivalent to the problem of climate change or much bigger. As there are many changes happening around in the environment, some of which we can hardly see. Ocean acidification is related to the water bodies and the aquatic life as a result, the ultimate impact is faced by the aquatic creatures and indirectly by the humans.
Ocean acidification is associated with natural process, the carbon dioxide present in atmosphere is absorbed by the ocean bodies. It is a natural process that is actually beneficial for the environment as the extra amount of carbon dioxide gases present in the environment are absorbed this leads to reduction in the temperature. But the problem started when the absorption amount increased over the years and it keeps on increasing by every passing year. This might seem fine initially but, it is a matter of concern for scientists and researchers, just like any other major environmental problem this is not good for aquatic biodiversity.
There are multiple causes of ocean acidification and why ocean acidification can become a big challenge in future –
The raise in atmospheric carbon dioxide, due to excessive pollution, emission of harmful gases and other activities has increased the absorption level in the oceans as well.
Fossil fuels is another top reason for ocean acidification as the burning of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum produces carbon dioxide gas, which indirectly contributes to ocean acidification.
The waste that is disposed off in the ocean contaminates the water bodies and increases the level of acidity of water. This waste includes agricultural waste, industrial waste etc.
These are the main causes of ocean acidification, they directly or indirectly become hazardous sooner or later. The changes occurring in the ocean is not visible to us but, it can not be ignored in long run.
The process of acidification increases the PH level of water, this acidity can actually be determined by tests. The chemical composition of water is destroyed slowly and gradually. The effect can be seen on the aquatic life and aquatic organism, the corals can detoriate at a higher rate, the shells of animals can not form and the tiny organism which plays a significant role in the aquatic world can not adapt to this acidic level and thus can not survive. Basically, different aspects are targeted, which can create hurdles in the balance of aqua diversity.
This issue is widely discussed in international conferences and some countries have already started monitoring the condition. They are further working to take steps to answer the problem many people are dependent on ocean a fisherman earns his livelihood, a sailor sails in ocean and if not, profession wise; but we all are drinking water which come from these water bodies only. If not today then in future we will be drinking this acidic water. The fact that with development came higher amount of waste generation, pollution, deforestation, climate change, global warming, and new problems. If all the problems are not resolved responsibly at global level the earth and its people are going to suffer a lot in near future. We can already experience the impact in the form of frequent droughts, tsunami, earthquake, landslide, forest fires etc.

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