Orphanage home

The home were the new end and the new beginning starts. Those known faces gonna fade away and the new ones gonna blossom.

Think of the very first day your family leaving you in that situation, it is the foot prints that are drawn with the sharpen nail on your cardiac heart and that may be the inner scars that will never fade away for those left.

They said the room is air conditioned, with the good foods and snacks and with other stuffs. They also gave them someone who gonna take care that alone souls. Everything was fine but the orphan souls don’t have the ability to accept these painful lists. The silent is the hiking king here.

Though the visitors are welcome, but their sobbing eyes and the kind face towards them was both healing and killing them a side as they visit.

The four walls with the spinning fan always used to remember them of their blissful spinning year’s out the orphanage home.

And of course they got the new friends, who have experienced the same feeling’s at different clips at their own spinning time’s.

Most of their final wish was to set their soul rest with the setting sun, but sun never thought of taking them these evening’s. The nature is the master here to have them or not.

The counting day’s are the only hobby of the unknown orphan there. It say’s at times the orphan disease is ok but being orphan is worst, even the disease have the drug but not them.

Seeing the funding agencies, NGO’s, government funding and of course the common human’s help towards these places makes the humanity to live. The every drop fall’s from the eye and the every curve the mouth makes say’s the words that sound could not.

Every orphanage home is the place were the innocent soul lives and every blessed child’s live, it is not just a place but the home were the unknow makes the new family and friends.

God has given the two hands

one to receive and the

another to give

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