Whether people should solve their problems or accept them?

Many people think it is better to accept a situation the way it is even if it is not up to their expectation whereas, others are of the opinion that it is important to solve such problems. In my opinion the best case scenario is to make such situations better so that a person has no regrets.

To embark on, people accept a bad a situation because they fear that if they do not accept it they would not get another opportunity and will have what they have. Another reason why people do not improve their condition is because they do not have any other option and accepting it is the last resort. For an instance, an uneducated person working at a tea stall is not happy with his job and is not satisfied with the salary but he cannot do anything as he is uneducated and it the only source of income for him. Therefore it is impossible for him to improve his situation as he has no other option and even if he tries to do something else he might end up loosing everything. Hence the risk of loosing everything often makes a people stick to what they have even if they are not happy with it.

However many people believe that it is important to improve such situations because if a person does not try to make situations better they may end up regretting it in the later phase of their life. Furthermore if a person is not happy with what he is doing he may not do the same to his fullest potential and may end up loosing that opportunity. For example a person doing a job in which he is not happy and has no interest may end up loosing his job. Hence, not making a change will worsen the conditions.

According to me, it is very important to make things right so as to make full use of the opportunities . It is very important to at least try so that one does not have any regret.

To encapsulate, a person ought not accept a bad situation and must try to make it better to make the full use if the opportunities given. This will result in making life better and easier for some people.

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