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Rise in views of web series during covid 19.

Web series usually refer to series that are available on the various platforms like netflix , amazon prime , youtubeetcetera. During the pandemic there has been a rapid increase in the veiws orms, too .One third of 55-64-year-olds, and 15% of people aged 65+ used subscriptionservices in the early weeks […]

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Studying abroad or in your country.

Earlier people used to study in their own country to get a degree , but now as time has evolved students are getting many new opportunities to study abroad. In my opinion it has both negative and positive impact depending on the situation. To embark on , people are moving […]

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Facing reality.

In various cultures children are told that they can get anything if they try hard to achieve it. In my opinion there are many advantages and disadvantages of it. To embark on , it is very important for people to teach their children to work hard and to try and […]

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“Music helps to bring people together.”

Many people are of the opinion that music often connects people of various ages and cultures. I highly disagree with this opinion as every individual is different and feels forced if asked to do something that they do not like. To embark on, there are many forms of music and […]

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