Descriptive Writing

My Dreamhouse

Those big architectural windows blow me out with the air whenever I think about it. The sunshine touching the hair in the early morning descends to the feet as the day grows off. My dreamhouse is quite big and beautiful with a garden marking its boundaries. The adorable flowers at the entrance gate elate my visitors. The fragrance they shower off in that small place complements their colourful petals. Some trees are tall and thick while some are newly planted. The biggest of them all holds a small treehouse apt to keep my secret things. Moving on, there’s a pavement on the doorstep of the house with a welcome board.

The tour of the house now starts inside that door. Wooden furniture are the main highlight of my dreamhouse besides the open, airy windows. The hall bears a bouncy couch and table with a glass flower pot along with a dining set for six at the front of the kitchen. The kitchen has a well-settled chimney as a centre of attraction. There is always some extra space in the kitchen for new items. The walls are beautifully designed along with fascinating sculptures on the roof boundary.

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Next comes the staircase which leads to the bedroom and guest room area. The stairs are covered with red carpets to make them look traditional and classy. The width is not much since they are attached at the corner of the hall. The hall is big but to keep it spacious and relaxing to look, everything is arranged at its minimum.

The staircase takes a turn to make us reach the first floor having a bedroom, a guest room and a servant quarter at the corner. The bedroom is the biggest, of-course. It is majorly pink coloured with beautiful prints representing nature. There’s a piano-set besides a bed and a wooden almirah in the room. The lamp aside the bed belongs to antique items. It is muddy yellow in colour and gives a pleasant look to the room at night. There’s a round carpet on the floor between the bed and the piano-set. There are a total of 3 windows among which one is the biggest and right beside the piano- set. It gives immense peace to play it there with open window. There is a study table too at the corner of the room- small and stuffed with books and magazines. The lamp at the study table is small and a modern type. The bathroom attached with the bedroom has also been kept modern style having blue walls with pictures of whales and ships.

The accompanying is the guest room, little smaller than the bedroom but remarkably spacious. It consists only a bed , an almirah, a sofa set and glass table. It too has a big window allowing abundant of sunlight to pass through in the morning. The speciality lies in the location of the house too, every window fetches the most of the sunlight to the house making it irrelevant to turn on lights during the day. The curtains need to be heavy since it becomes too hot in the summer. The servant quarter is comparatively small; approximately the size as of store room attached to the hall on the ground floor. It is however, convenient to stay there. It too includes a bed but relatively small, a table, a sofa, an almirah and attached with it is the washroom.

Next floor is build with terrace which is wide, and cold during winters. It is fenced at two edges with strong grills made of stones. The other two edges are joined via walls to other two houses in the neighbour. The view is wide and serene from the terrace. The designer table and chairs are specially placed to have a cup of tea under the beautiful sky whenever it feels like. The garden too is visible to an extent from the terrace. The chimney installed in the kitchen opens up at the top on the terrace.

The larger windows of the hall and the bedroom hold a wing chain each with different sounds knocking softly at the ears during a pleasant weather. It is therefore a good place for writers and poets to put up. The house in itself is a glory and has a lot to write about. This dreamhouse can be the best to reside in- neither too big nor too congested. Its beauty lies in how spacious and a mixture of traditional and modern architect it is!